"In my day, we used overhead projectors and TV's on wheels" ...said everyone born before 1999.

Redefining training and education through virtual reality eLearning curriculum.

Our mission is to build a collaborative future where education is accessible, engaging and impactful for all.

Have you ever wanted to engage with your students more?
Well, VR may be your answer.

We believe that training and education should be engaging, fun, inspiring, and accessible.

Our VR solutions combine the best of academia and industry to help you become the leader in your industry while making a lasting impact on the students you teach.

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increase in retention when taught through VR

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more confident with VR eLearning than traditional models according to research from PWC

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Students positively impacted by XpertVR

Here's how we can support you and your team!

Tailored eLearning Curriculum

Our interactive and engaging simulations focus on student-centred pedagogy, allowing students to comprehend complex skills, at their own pace and in their own space. This ultimately gives your students the confidence to apply their skills in real-life situations.

Policing Courses

Early in our eLearning, we dove into police foundations. I mean, who doesn’t love solving mysteries? Well, now, you can evaluate your students on how they investigate a realistic crime scene, traffic collision or how they de-escalate a conflict. Pretty amazing right?

Firefighting Training in VR

Learning skills that require hands-on experience and communication can be challenging for firefighters without proper training tools and practice. At XpertVR, we recognize the importance of providing firefighters with realistic training scenarios.

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We help teachers and trainers just like you to succeed by designing meaningful course content and delivering it in a captivating way.

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Meet our team!

Our team of dependable, innovative and collaborative gamers have built some of the best eLearning simulations for educators from around the world. Learn more about how awesome they are here.

Mee the XpertVR team portraits.

Voted one of Canada's top VR companies 3 years in a row!

XpertVR has been honoured with a Top VR company in Canada for three years in a row. We are ecstatic to share what some of our collaborators have said about us.

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Brock University
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“It was our first VR research project, and we thought it was the best-case scenario for how the project would go. It surpassed expectations. They were very responsive. They double-checked all requirements and instructions. They were enthusiastic and wanted to deliver a high-level product.”
Project Manager of Guided Learning Simulations
Project Manager of Guided Learning Simulations
Conestoga College
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“XpertVR delivered an outstanding simulation, and were easy and professional to work with. They guided the discussion with our content experts and followed through on all deliverables smoothly and seamlessly.”
Creative Director
Creative Director
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“Many companies that we work with are very good at one thing, and only focus on that. XpertVR not only brings their technical knowledge & skills, but also bring a kindness & understanding of people, which should be the basis of any operating business.”

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Our mission is to build a collaborative future where education is accessible, engaging and impactful for all.