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Our Story

Learning can be a challenge. Research, tests, reading —it all gets frustrating pretty fast. Sometimes, you wish you could just play video games instead. We know, we’ve been there too.

Can learning be entertaining, like a video game, but informative like a textbook?
Can learning be fun and data-driven at the same time? We think so, and that's why we created XpertVR.

We build immersive virtual worlds for users to explore and learn in.

As a student, you can access these virtual realities and learn from interacting in our customizable stories. It’s like a video game, but with some serious behavioural processes in place to make sure you and your brain are learning everything you need to.

For researchers, our data-driven environments provide user insights from experiences in our virtual scenarios. You’re able to collect thousands of data points on how participants act and feel and not just on what they say. The only question you need to ask is where do you go from here?

Clients we have worked with

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Our Services

Virtual reality has limitless potential. If you can dream it, we can build it.
We specialize in a few key areas to help build on your eLearning and research.
Have a look below at a few of our core areas of service.

eLearning with VR

Our interactive and engaging simulations focus on student-centred pedagogy, allowing students to comprehend complex skills, at their own pace and in their own space. This ultimately gives your students the confidence to apply their skills in real-life situations.

Research with VR

Research a world beyond your imagination, through fully customizable environments and scenarios, down to individual blades of grass and the tone of voice virtual characters have… All while collecting data that gives you a complete picture of your participants and their thoughts.

Try VR

Does Virtual Reality sound like a foreign language to you? Or is it as familiar to you as the back of your hand? Either way let us help you find the right equipment. Then, let’s get you into a community that is changing the world through conducting or participating in impactful research studies and pursuing education for all.


Our team of dependable, passionate and creative gamers have built some of the best eLearning and research simulations for educators, professors and researchers around the world.

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VOTED One of Canada's TOP VR COMPANies 2 years in a row!

XpertVR has been honoured with a Top VR company in Canada for two years in a row. We are ecstatic to share what some of our collaborators have said about us.

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Brock University
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“It was our first VR research project, and we thought it was the best-case scenario for how the project would go. It surpassed expectations. They were very responsive. They double-checked all requirements and instructions. They were enthusiastic and wanted to deliver a high-level product.”
Project Manager of Guided Learning Simulations
Project Manager of Guided Learning Simulations
Conestoga College
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“XpertVR delivered an outstanding simulation, and were easy and professional to work with. They guided the discussion with our content experts and followed through on all deliverables smoothly and seamlessly.”
Creative Director
Creative Director
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“Many companies that we work with are very good at one thing, and only focus on that. XpertVR not only brings their technical knowledge & skills, but also bring a kindness & understanding of people, which should be the basis of any operating business.”

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We strive to enable meaningful interactions regardless of physical distance. Our mission is to help 1,000,000 people learn from actions, and not statements.