5 Best Hacks To Overcoming VR Motion Sickness​

What Causes Virtual Reality Motion Sickness?

Although it is unclear why some people experience more severe motion sickness than others, the concept is straightforward. Most people do not become ill while walking because the brain detects and adjusts to the walking movement. Motion sickness can occur when you are sitting or standing still, but something else is generating motion.

What ultimately happens is that the balance centres that are located in your inner ear perceive something that does not align with what’s really happening. When playing a VR game, the brain senses that you are not moving, but somehow, you’re moving forward. That causes the brain wires to become crossed, and it doesn’t know how to respond. Your brain thinks you are moving, but your body isn’t. That disconnect causes confusion and can make you feel ill, including feeling nauseous, experiencing a headache, sudden fatigue onset, and dizziness.

Overcoming VR Motion Sickness & What VR Users Can Do

You don’t have to give up VR if you experience motion sickness. Rather, you must find a way to assist your brain in better adjusting to what is going on. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but what works for you may not be the same as what works for others. Try out a few different options below for overcoming VR motion sickness.

1. Take Baby steps

The first step in overcoming VR motion sickness is to go slowly, especially if this is your first time using virtual reality. The first step is to set a time limit for each gaming or use session. Keeping it brief may allow you to give your brain some breathing room. If you begin to feel unsure or sick, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then gradually return to it. After a few sessions like this, you’ll feel less sick and more capable of participating.

2. Eat ginger beforehand

Some people have found that they can reduce the symptoms of motion sickness by eating ginger. Ginger is an excellent, natural way to reduce stomach pain and general uneasiness. Enjoy some ginger in a drink or even as a small bite a couple of hours prior to your gaming session. You may get some benefits from using a supplement as well. Sipping on some ginger tea or even a ginger soda while playing could also help.

3. Aim a fan at yourself

Overheating is a major issue for many VR users. Aim a fan at yourself, whether it’s mounted on the ceiling or on a desktop. This cool breeze can help to relax you while you play, lowering your chances of getting sick and allowing you to stay cool during your game. You’ll feel better and be able to play for longer if you lower your overall temperature.

4. Take Dramamine

Some people experience the same type of motion sickness while on a boat or a plane, that they do when they play or interact with VR. It can even happen on long car rides. If you have these symptoms, you should think about taking Dramamine if it is safe for you. This medication aids in the reduction and prevention of motion sickness symptoms. Most of the time, these are simple pills that you take right before you begin using the VR.

5. Wear a Sea-band Wristband steps

Check out Sea-Bands, which are a simple and all-natural way for many people to reduce motion sickness. It functions as an acupuncture pressure tool, applying just enough pressure to the Nei-Kuan pressure point on the wrist. This works for many people to reduce the likelihood of motion sickness. You can purchase Sea-Bands online, and there may be other brands with similar products to consider as well.

In Conclusion

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting pieces of technology available today. It’s a fantastic way to spend your time, whether you’re gaming or exploring virtual worlds.

VR provides an experience that nothing else can match, and being able to enjoy it without feeling sick is something that anyone can do with the right tools and methods.

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