But this blog isn’t about the future “Metaverse” if you would like to learn about that, here’s a link to our blog “What is the Metaverse” or check out some of expert advice on the Porch Blog! Instead this blog highlights six platforms currently trying to build the “Metaverse” or at least some small portion of it. These videos come from our #MetaverseMonday series so if you want to stay as up-to-date as possible on the different platforms building the “Metaverse” make sure to follow us on LinkedIn!


Spatial is the professional metaverse space, built for collaboration and pivoted towards NFT’s!

Even though Spatial has pivoted towards NFT galleries and connecting with the blockchain community, it is still an amazing space for virtual meetings!

Here are some features Spatial offers:

  • Desktop connection
  • Realistic avatar
  • Room customization
  • Notes
  • Writing in 3D space
  • Placing 3D objects
  • Web searches
  • NFT placement
  • Multi-user rooms
  • And more…

Horizon Workrooms

We will be coming back to this platform as Horizons has a full world builder and a lot of other great functionality. But with many schools and countries going back into lockdown we understand how important virtual meeting spaces are so we wanted to share their Workrooms option specifically!

Workrooms some features Horizon Workrooms offers:

  • Multi-user rooms
  • Desktop connection
  • Realistic whiteboards
  • Realistic avatars
  • File uploading
  • Hand-tracking
  • Keyboard tracking
  • And more…

Engage VR

A multi-award-winning software, Engage.io allows people to connect in a shared virtual environment. The software provides endless possibilities for educators. For example, training students’ career skills within a virtual learning environment or taking them on field trips to unexplored parts of the world. In addition, the platform enables teachers to create their VR lectures and engage students from all around the world in a multi-user environment.

Here are some features Engage offers:

  • Environment Editor
  • 3D Lesson Recording and Playback
  • Large Library of 3D Assets and Environments
  • Survey/Quiz/Exam Creator
  • Text Creation
  • Multi-User Rooms
  • Game Features
  • And More…


Roblox is an online game creation and collaboration platform for fun and education.

In this “Metaverse” world Nike partnered with Roblox to create an interactive experience for the next generation of Nike shoppers.

This starts with a Nike store to buy in-game Nike clothing for your avatar but also includes lot’s of user-generated content/games as well as a space for you to build your own home/game.

This beautifully mixes Nike’s athletic and creative brand with the possibilities of the Metaverse. All wrapped in an easy-to-access form factor.

Here are some features Roblox offers:

  • Text
  • Creating shapes and models
  • Room design
  • Multi-user rooms
  • Game features
  • And more…

Shapes XR

Shapes XR is VR Creation and Collaboration Platform for Remote Teams. We have found this can be great whiteboxing a new game or simulation idea. Or when brainstorming with a remote team that needs some more tactile feel while they design.

Here are some features Shapes XR offers:

  • Text
  • Creating shapes and models
  • Creative tools (colouring, drawing, etc)
  • Importing 3D models
  • Export 3D models
  • AR/VR app design
  • Room design
  • Multi-user rooms
  • And more…some

Rec Room

If you’re interested to see more about the world customization or the fun games you can play within Rec Room please let us know and we can come back to this one!

In the meantime, this video quickly highlights the XpertVR Clubhouse. A space where the whole XpertVR team meets every Monday to plan out the week, give updates on projects and team up before playing some Monday morning games!

We normally play paintball, laser tag or hide & seek. But if you were in VR for your team meetings what game would you want to play afterwards?

Here are some features Rec Room offers:

  • Whiteboards
  • Creating shapes and models
  • Room design
  • Multi-user rooms
  • Game features
  • Privacy features
  • And more…

In conclusion

In closing, there are billions of dollars being poured into companies trying to build the “Metaverse” which means there are a lot of options out there. This can be confusing but it also likely means there is a perfect solution for you and your “Metaverse” use case!

So, if you need help sorting through all the options or just want a second opinion, please feel free to reach out!

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