The problem

Being unprepared for the COVID pandemic is nobody’s fault, how could anyone have predicted the global shift that we have all experienced. That is why the problem is not how academic institutions have handled the pandemic. 

The problem is that everyone learns in different ways and academic institutions need solutions to bring those learning styles into one.

The challenge

Create an eLearning solution that allows students to learn through visuals, audio, reading/writing and kinesthetics.

XpertVR’s solution

XpertVR created a virtual version of a seminar room that allows students to come together within a 3D world from anywhere on earth. Through virtual avatars students can shake hands, wave at each other, move around the room and even write on the whiteboard. This allows students to learn visually from the materials presented in the classroom, through audio with the conversations they have with their professor and peers, through reading and writing materials available in the classroom or from diving into a whole new world to learn kinaesthetically through hands-on training. 

Although this classroom is still in its early stages it allows professors at Brock University to test the future of learning. And most importantly, the classroom gives select students a new medium to better learn through the COVID pandemic and in future online learning scenarios.

Virtual Classroom - Chemistry.

Results & Feedback

  • “XpertVR have been very enthusiastic partners in the entire design and implementation process.”
    – Martin Danahay

  • “Communicate your goals, and they’ll be upfront with you. XpertVR will never promise you anything they can’t do.”
    – Martin Danahay


  • Students Engaged with VR Classroom: 43+

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In conclusion

As you can see, VR has amazing potential to help students learn in new and innovative ways. This is just the beginning of VR in the eLearning space.

If you are looking for virtual solutions, reach out to our team. We would be happy to offer some insights and see how we can support you and your goals.