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XpertVR's Search & Rescue Solution

To solve this problem Conestoga College and XpertVR partnered to create the virtual reality (VR) Search & Rescue training simulation. In the simulation students and trainees are equipped and trained on how to use firefighters day-to-day equipment. This includes, a flashlight, radio, SCBA gear, axe, halligan bar and more. They are then placed infront of a burning two story house with a basement and up to 4 victims inside. The placement of the fires and victims are randomized each time the student restarts the simulation so they can practice as many times as needed to feel confident. The simulation also has an AI partner so that a student practicing by themselves can still follow the proper buddy system procedures. Students then must follow all other proper procedures and radio callouts to successfully rescue the victims and call for help when needed.

firefighter search and rescue fire

Results & Feedback

In demo’s to in-service Firefighters, comments included “I was surprised at how easy the technology was to use”, conducting the search & rescue felt very real”, and ” the simulation will help the students significantly”.

VR allows students to safely practice the training scenarios from the comfort of their homes or in classrooms. Students can repeat the learning process as many times as they want until they learn the concept fully. This way, students remember what they are learning through regular practice in a virtual environment rather than just memorizing the concepts.

Practicing concepts in such an interactive, engaging, and immersive way not only enhances one’s skills but also helps in strengthening memory. Moreover, through regular practice, students are able to apply the learning in real-life scenarios without any fear and hesitation. Because of this Conestoga sees the simulation as a great addition to their firefighting courses as it doesn’t fully replace the classroom or controlled burn training exercises but acts as a perfect bridge. Allowing students to apply and practice their classroom knowledge so when they have the opportunity to train at a controlled burn facility, they are confident and prepared.

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In conclusion

As you can see, VR has amazing potential to create a more immersive and productive firefighter training experience. 

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