Embracing the Future of Education with VR.

Craig Frehlich's Pioneering Role in VR Education

With nearly three decades of teaching experience, Frehlich has been a vocal advocate for integrating technology into education. His journey, which includes setting up VR labs in schools across Calgary, Singapore, and Vancouver, as well as hosting the VR in Education podcast highlights his passion and unique role for introducing VR into education.

The Transformative Impact of VR in Classrooms

The podcast highlights how virtual reality has been employed to excite and engage students, particularly in subjects like biology and anatomy. Further diving into the areas, Craig has explored and the impacts he has seen the technology have on students and educators.

Integrating Technology into Educational Curricula

Frehlich shares his experiences in integrating technology into the curriculum, underscoring the positive impact of VR on student engagement and learning. This perspective resonates with XpertVR’s goal of making education not only accessible but also engaging and impactful.

The Advent of AI and Robot Teachers

The discussion touches on the future of education with AI and the concept of robot teachers. This aspect explores potential changes and challenges in the educational landscape, a topic that is particularly relevant in todays world of AI being used more and more in education.

The Role of Academic and Technology Consultants

As an academic and technology consultant, Frehlich’s role in guiding schools in effectively using technology for educational purposes is crucial. This role has given him a unique insight into how to integrate technology in to a classroom and when it should be avoided.

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XpertVR: Facilitating 21st-Century Education

Align with Craig’s work, XpertVR’s expertise in custom VR development services for training simulations positions the company as a key player in shaping 21st-century education. By harnessing VR and AI, XpertVR contributes to preparing individuals to navigate a world increasingly reliant on advanced technologies.

In conclusion

This blog post, inspired by Frehlich’s experiences and insights, aligns with XpertVR’s innovative and collaborative brand personality. It highlights the company’s commitment to using VR and AI as tools for enhancing educational experiences, thereby fostering a more engaging, effective, and forward-thinking learning environment.

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