Genius VR Companies Revolutionizing Education

What is Alchemy VR Doing in Education?

Alchemy VR is one of the companies breaking new ground in developing VR and AR technologies with the aim of transforming education. Beyond VR and AR, they’re also creating powerful solutions through the use of AI and mixed reality. Their goal is to make their educational tool available to students all around the world, where students only need an internet connection and a compatible headset required

They’ve collaborated with some of the most powerful companies in technology, research, and communications, including HTC, Samsung, Google, Apple, Sony, and even NASA. They’ve also collaborated with Sir David Attenborough to create engaging and educational VR films, for which they’ve won awards such as the prestigious BAFTA for Digital Creativity and the Museum and Heritage award for Innovation.

What is Immersive VR Education Doing?

Founded in 2014, Immersive VR Education is leading the VR industry with their ENGAGE platform that gives access to client-made educational tools and content. The defining feature of this technology is its use of the metaverse, where educators and students can connect with each worldwide inside a virtual space. 

They’ve partnered with some of the most prestigious global companies, organizations, schools, and brands. While there are over 150 names, some of the notable ones include Stanford, BMW, Audi, HTC, 3M, and Oxford to name a few.

They’ve created some of the most immersive educational VR programs over the past few years. For example, their Titanic VR experience, where users can get a first-hand look at how the famous ship met its end based on the copious amount of information available to make it as accurate as possible. People can experience the ship sinking and also get up close and personal with the wreckage. There’s also a VR version of the International Space Station (ISS) where students can see what it’s like to be an astronaut floating in low-Earth orbit.

What is the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program?

As a leading name in tech in general, Google is making its foray into VR as well. With the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program, students can visit anywhere in the world– all from the comfort of their own classroom. However, they’re also pioneering AR education which allows students to get a handle on difficult-to-visualize concepts such as geometry.

Google is taking a hands-on approach, deploying teams to bring Google Expeditions Pioneer kits to schools and universities around the world and providing full training to teachers so they can make the most of the technology. 

The biggest feature of the Google Expedition Pioneer Program is that it works seamlessly with the new remote and hybrid learning environments people are now accustomed to– meaning teachers and students can get a full classroom experience without needing to physically show up in person.

What is XpertVR Doing in Education?

XpertVR is a company that focuses on bridging the gap between technology and learning by making things fun, immersive, and interactive. They understand the importance of eLearning, thus they’ve created compelling and innovative solutions where they’ve perfected a 3-step approach to creating content.

The first step is meeting with the client to get a full grasp on their needs, wants, and goals. They work hand-in-hand with the client to ensure they understand the vision and create a unique experience tailored to the client’s mission.

Once they have a handle on what the client expects, the next step is to take those ideas and turn the simulation into a story that will be captivating to the learner. They work to create in-game assets, develop fun and engaging gameplay, and finally make it a virtual reality.

Finally, the last stage is ensuring everything is of top quality. This involves testing and re-testing, receiving feedback and acting on that information, and then making sure they iron out any bugs. XpertVR is one of the most promising companies when it comes to immersive learning.

In conclusion

These companies are making big moves in the field of VR, AR, and XR education, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for the industry!

The possibilities of VR for education are immense and growing rapidly. 

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