Navigating the Tech Entrepreneurship in VR with Nohi Sanisel.

The Journey of Mohi Sanisel: From Coding to Entrepreneurship

Sanisel’s background, rooted in Iran and influenced by his family’s involvement in development and coding, shaped his early foray into technology. Starting his own business at 21, Sanisel exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit, mirroring the innovative mindset that XpertVR embodies.

Entrepreneurship and the Tech Startup Ecosystem

The podcast explores Sanisel’s transition from technical roles to business management, emphasizing his passion for leveraging technology as a tool. Starting with the impact he made opening schools in Iran as part of his entrepreneurial adventures.

AI's Impact on Educational Accessibility

The conversation delves into the challenges and opportunities of making education globally accessible, highlighting the crucial role of AI technology. Then diving into Mohi’s business idea to use AI as a tool for kids to learn during bed time stories.

The Role of The DMZ in Fostering Innovation

The episode touches on The DMZ, renowned as one of the top university-based incubators, and its contribution to nurturing innovation and supporting startups. This aspect is particularly relevant to XpertVR, which is part of the DMZ and has thrived in an environment that encourages technological innovation and educational advancement.

Technology as a Catalyst in Education and Business

The discussion emphasizes using technology not as an end but as a means to enhance various aspects of education and business. Whether that be giving teachers new tools to create learning materials and educational experiences or allowing students to have more access to knowledge and the ability to explore their favourite subjects.

In conclusion

This blog post, inspired by the dynamic conversation in the podcast, not only sheds light on the evolving landscape of tech entrepreneurship but also aligns with XpertVR’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into education. It highlights the company’s vision of using VR to enhance learning experiences, reflecting their innovative, collaborative, and forward-thinking brand personality. Thank you again to Mohi Sanisel for coming on the Eduverse Enigma.

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