XpertVR co-founder telling the XpertVR Story.

That is why we created XpertVR

Students can access these virtual realities and learn from interacting in our customizable stories. It’s like a video game, but with some serious behavioural processes in place to make sure you and your brain are learning everything you need to.

For researchers, our data-driven environments provide user insights from experiences in our virtual scenarios. You’re able to collect thousands of data points on how participants act and feel and not just on what they say. The only question you need to ask is where do you go from here?

XpertVR guides users and researchers through the entire process. We help you level up your research and learning at each stage of the journey. For us, it is a collaboration that ignites curiosity. That’s when we really start to dream in virtual reality.

XpertVR's MIssion

We strive to enable meaningful interactions regardless of physical distance. Our mission is to help 1,000,000 people learn from actions, and not statements.

How Can We Help?

It’s a great question. XpertVR focuses on eLearning simulations and conducting research through VR. Here’s the full list of our services below.

In conclusion

The possibilities of VR for education are immense and growing rapidly. There is always new innovative technologies coming around the corner. 

If you are a teacher or a researcher who is looking to implement VR technology into a classroom or a lab, we should chat.