Make money with VR

How you ask? Through VR research studies. To put it simply we partner with researchers at academic institutions around the world to virtually tackle problems and find real-world solutions. 

This is where you come in. We can create virtual environments to study but without people like yourself to participate, we can’t collect the data that leads to real-world solutions. 

This is why we can convince researchers to give us money to reward you for participating in studies.

Because we are supporting world-changing research studies they only happen a few times a year but in return, you are rewarded well for participating and receive other rewards/VR tips just from being on the email list! 

To date, a few world problems we have helped impact include climate change and overfishing in the ocean, COVID protocols in retail stores and ethical behaviour training in large organizations.

Our 3 step process

Participating in VR research studies is as easy as 1, 2, 3. And did we mention you can skip step one if you’re not interested?

1. Research Study Created:

A researcher comes to us looking to solve a problem that is too difficult/costly to study in the real world. We then create a virtual simulation that allows them to study said problem and collect the required data to evaluate solutions.

2. Participation:

After signing up for our email list you will receive an email every time you are eligible for a study. Enclosed will be information about the study and instructions on how to complete it.

3. Receive Reward:

Once you complete a study your data will be verified by the researcher and within 72 hours we will send you a link to collect your reward. Following this link, you will be able to select your reward from a wide variety of gift cards, pre-paid cards, and charity donations.

Featured case study

VR eLearning Materials for Policing Students

Conestoga College, an academic institution known for combining theory and simulation-based experiences, to teach students through a person-centered approach to community policing, approached XpertVR to create eLearning materials for their students. 

The initiative combined the skills of XpertVR and Conestoga’s VAR Lab to develop a simulation that allowed students to apply deductive and investigative skills to realistic crime scenarios.

How can we help you?

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