Our 3 step VR consulting process

Once you schedule a time to chat we will get started taking you through our 3 step process to virtual success!

1. Understanding Your Needs:

Sitting down with one or multiple people from our team we will take the time to truly understand the problems you are trying to solve. As well as analyze where else your organization may benefit from virtual reality. From here we may set up meetings with specific people in your organization to better dive into unique problems.

2. Follow Up:

We will come back to you with a detailed report and presentation on what VR solutions you should be considering, the impact they will have on your organization and the next steps to take.

3. Next Steps:

From here we will be available to answer all of your questions and be able to connect you with the right hardware and software providers for your needs.

Featured case study

VR eLearning Materials for Policing Students

Conestoga College, an academic institution known for combining theory and simulation-based experiences, to teach students through a person-centered approach to community policing, approached XpertVR to create eLearning materials for their students. 

The initiative combined the skills of XpertVR and Conestoga’s VAR Lab to develop a simulation that allowed students to apply deductive and investigative skills to realistic crime scenarios.

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