How XpertVR Can Help You

At XpertVR we have been the managers and tech support for organizations big and small. Doing everything from installing full VR labs to being one-on-one tech support for those putting on a VR headset for the first time. 

And if we can’t answer your question we have contacts and partnerships with every major VR headset and accessory company on the market (Oculus, HTC, Varjo, Pico, and more) to ensure your problems find solutions, quick.

Our 3 Step Process

If you’re having VR tech issues or anticipating possible issues as you expand the VR side of your organization, you want support that you can count on. So let’s take you through our 3 step process to ensure every problem you run into gets solved fast.

1. Direct Contact:

  1. When you have a problem you don’t want some automated system helping you. That’s why working with us you will have direct contact through email and phone to an eXpert who can support you and your team.

2. Partnership Contact:

  1. A specific piece of hardware or software not working and our eXperts can’t figure it out?

    We have direct contacts at most VR companies to ensure we have a human we can both talk to for more complex issues.

3. On-Site Support:

Our promise to you is that whatever the issue, we will find a solution. So if you have a 1 out of a million problem that can’t be solved remotely we will get someone on-site and they won’t leave until it’s fixed.

How can we help you?

Looking for some support in VR? Great!

Here are a few ways to get in touch with us.

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