A Bit About Evan

Evan Sitler-Bates, in his own words.

“I love opening the minds of those I connect with to the possibilities of Extended Reality (XR). Through seeing the industry grow over the past 6 years I understand how XR technology will soon impact every aspect of the world we interact with. From how we experience entertainment and news to how we learn and communicate.

At XpertVR my job is to bring this vision to our partners so that together we can build today what will be revolutionary tomorrow. With this, I and XpertVR are working to change the way people experience education today and into the future. So that one day soon, anyone, no matter their background or geographical location, will be able to pick up a headset and learn the skills needed to propel success in what they’re passionate about.”


Brock University Logo.
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration, Brock University

Personal Achievements

  • Starting my first company in 2007
  • Walking into BioLinc 2016
  • Starting XpertVR 2017
  • Winning Monster Pitch 2019
  • Growing XpertVR to a team of 12 in less than 4 years
  • Reaching Level 46 in Population One (August 2021 – It’s a big deal)

Extra Attributes of Evan