A Bit About Hugo

Hugo is an award-winning designer, having been voted a top 40 graphic designer in North America. Having worked in digital media for over 15 years, Hugo leverages UX design, behavioural science and design thinking to develop AODA/WCAG compliant websites, build authentic brand stories, and genuinely connect businesses to their consumers. He has collaborated with companies such as the Canadian Government, Hamilton Health Sciences, the Bank of Montreal, Bell Canada, Deloitte Canada, Jean-Paul Gaultier (his favourite designer), Volkswagen, and even Netflix.

As a Harvard graduate with a Master’s in Business Management, Hugo has leveraged his work in organizational behaviours to further drive engagement through his visual design work. As a life-long learner, Hugo is always curious to find new ways to adapt new and even current technologies to build collaborative solutions for organizations.

Being diagnosed with autism at an early age, Hugo has spent his life overcoming adversity and continuously learning new ways to interact with others and to share his views on autism. Living on the spectrum has given Hugo a unique perspective and his ambition is to help raise awareness and support for others living with autism. He is a loving husband to his best friend Nadia and a proud new dad to their adorable daughter Zaria Simone and a new baby boy Oscar Xavier.

Hugo currently runs Stradea Design Labs, works with Deloitte in the Behavioural Science division, is the co-lead on raising a new baby boy and energetic 2-year-old, while supporting the XpertVR team on all of their online digital endeavours, and ongoing strategic discussions such as valuations, brand positioning, and expanding their industry reach. It sounds like a lot, but we haven’t told you of the “side-hustles” yet. We love Hugo.


harvard university logo
  • Harvard University – Master of Business Management (2015)
  • Harvard University – Certificate: Strategic Management (2014)
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  • Simon Fraser University – Masters of Arts (Digital Media) (2011)
  • University of Western Ontario – Bachelor of Arts: Digital Media (2007)
Mohawk College logo.
  • Mohawk College – Diploma – Enterprise Business (2004)

Personal Achievements

  • Proud dad to 2 of the cutest kids ever
  • Highest Graded case study in Forensic Accounting at Harvard University
  • Located and helped name 7 stars in the Northern Hemisphere with NASA and the IAU
  • Launched a private Bourbon label, Nominated a Top 40 Graphic Design in North America
  • Built a 1967 Mustang Convertible with my Step dad before he passed away
  • General Training at the Royal Military College at 14

Extra Attributes of Hugo