A Bit About Jonathan

I’m a space nerd/hobbyist classic car mechanic who fell in love with VR the moment I got my hands on it. VR has always been an opportunity to interact with the digital world in never before seen ways to me, and that’s why I design, program, and test all kinds of systems for XpertVR’s simulations. From the tools themselves to the reporting systems that send out simulation results, I’ve likely had a hand in it all.


Brock University Logo.
  • Bachelor’s of Computer Science, Game Programming/Computer Science, Brock Univeristy
Niagara College Canada Logo.
  • Advanced Diploma, Game Development, Niagara College

Personal Achievements

  • First-class-honors in Game Programming
  • Daily driven (and maintained) 1979 Camaro,
  • Proud advocator for pineapple on pizza

Extra Attributes of Jonathan