Meet Jeff.

Our Xpert Explorer.

A Bit About Jeff

Hi Everyone I am Xpert Jeff and I’m responsible for many things. My main responsibilities include sheltering Evan Sitler-Bates and getting him from point A to point B all in one piece. Additional responsibilities include maintaining a working and fueled engine, transforming into a VR demo space, and being a mobile podcast studio for the Eduverse Enigma podcast. So come along and join our adventure across North America.

Jeff's Favourite Quote

"I feel the need.....the need for speed"

~ Tom Cruise


  • Just a city boy
  • Born and raised in South Detroit
  • I took the midnight train going anywhere

Personal Achievements

  • I am a bus, with a personality
  • I have a job and no S.I.N., so that’s impressive
  • About to embark on a nationwide road trip

Some Extra Details

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Introducing the Xpert Xplorer (Jeff)! Get ready for an extraordinary adventure like no other as XpertVR’s CEO, Evan Sitler-Bates, unveils his latest project. This is not just any ordinary school bus—it’s a mobile home, a podcast studio for the Eduverse Enigma, and a mind-blowing VR demo hub, all in one!

So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Evan and Jeff. Stay tuned as we bring you thrilling updates, fascinating interviews, and mind-bending VR experiences. Join us as we revolutionize education and ignite imaginations across the continent.

The future of virtual reality awaits, and the Xpert Xplorer is your ticket to ride. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey! Let’s embark together on this incredible cross-country expedition and bring the magic of virtual reality to every corner of North America. Get ready to be amazed.

Let's Chat.

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