Smart Technology: The Safe Gateway to Introducing Children to the Metaverse

Written by JB Simmons

Children and Smart Technology

According to 2022 research from the International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction, children have begun increasing their screen time in recent years, particularly on smartphones and tablets. This tells us that the new generation of “digital natives” is continuously adapting to the latest versions of technology, smart tech included.

Experts posit that in a few years’ time, virtual reality and the metaverse will become natural aspects of our daily lives as well. Taking the time to explain to our children how the devices in their daily lives work now can help ease their understanding of this development. This shows them that the metaverse is simply a more advanced version of the technology they already grow up with every day.

For example, some parents use the motion sensors of smart lights to train children on when to go to bed. You can explain how these smart lights have ultrasonic sensors that use sound waves to detect movement even in dark environments. You can then compare this to the same ultrasonic sensors embedded in metaverse technology that allow it to read movement in real life to imitate within avatars in the metaverse.


You can also explain the microprocessor in metaverse technology, which works as a brain and allows it to run instructions and tasks such as what program to launch. Best comparison that kids can understand? The microprocessors in smart vacuums. Smart robot vacuums have microprocessors that allow them to retain memory and process instructions and tasks. Parents can ask their children to give simple instructions to the robot, such as to vacuum at 2:00 PM. This allows children to better understand how technology is programmed to respond to us and our instructions.

These close interactions with technology work to open children’s eyes to the possibilities of tech. It’s best to frame technology as non-sentient tools that we are in control of and can use responsibly. Once your children have a grasp of the science and creativity that goes behind smart technology, it’s easier to introduce them directly to the metaverse.

Children and The Metaverse

The expansiveness of the metaverse means that you can start with family-friendly platforms that are specifically designed for children. The millions of role-playing games on Roblox are prime examples. Parent Cathy Hackl found herself supporting her son as he celebrated his ninth birthday by playing Roblox and meeting with his friends’ virtual avatars — the perfect metaverse party.

Make sure to review the game and controls beforehand so that you can help guide your child in their first few tries. This also allows you to screen potentially concerning content that you may not want your child engaging in. Ask your child to verbally communicate with you about their experience, during and after, so that you can help them address any unclear encounter as well.

Don’t forget to set screen time boundaries to not overwhelm your children. You can follow our lead: Our 3-step eLearning process allows our team of experts to craft basic eLearning simulations at specific intervals that are appropriate and engaging for your child. Otherwise, Stream Scheme suggests having at least a 10-minute break for every hour of use with teenagers, with more limits on a younger child’s usage.

By taking an active role in a child’s introduction to the metaverse with solid communication, boundaries, and ingenious means like smart technology, parents can guarantee a safe and immersive metaverse experience for their children.

In Conclusion

Introducing children to the metaverse through smart technology and family-friendly platforms can be a fun and educational experience, as long as it is done with caution and responsibility. Setting clear boundaries and communicating openly with children about their experiences can help ensure a safe and positive introduction to the metaverse.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to introduce your children to the metaverse, feel free to reach out and ask for advice from experts in the field.

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