Exciting Benefits of Virtual Reality as a Teaching Tool

Man experiencing the benefits of Virtual Reality as a teaching tool

Colleges and universities must adapt to their students’ ever-changing needs. The pandemic highlighted the fact that some students require a different learning environment than the traditional classroom setup. Students struggled to capture material at its greatest and most thorough level, even in the classroom or in video classes. Virtual reality (VR) could be an excellent solution to this problem, considering the benefits of virtual reality as a teaching tool.

University Lectures Through VR Could Have A Big Impact On The Way We Educate

Students at university lectures using Virtual reality

University lectures are beginning to adopt VR for students who may be more comfortable learning from home. So are virtual reality university lectures really here to stay? Given that the benefits of facilitating an online lecture via virtual reality are quite abundant, we believe so. In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at the benefits of VR lectures in comparison to Zoom or in-person lectures and how university lectures are adopting VR

A Brief History of eLearning

History of eLearning Laptop with image of never stop learning written in chalk

An Exciting but Brief History of eLearning From Mail to Zoom to the Metaverse – The History of eLearning The term “eLearning” has only been around since 1999 when it was used at a CBT systems seminar for the first time. Other terms, such as “online learning” and “virtual learning,” began to emerge in pursuit […]

Dramatically Higher GPA From Experiential Learning

Student Drew blown away by the power of experiential learning in virtual reality

Dramatically Higher GPA From Experiential Learning The benefits of Experiential Learning Most people would agree that experiential learning is a more enjoyable way to learn and many may even say they feel more confident in their skills after learning through an experiential course. But can it be more than that? Does experiential learning actually improve […]

Filling the Experiential Learning Gap with the Metaverse

Teslasuit metaverse promo photo.

Filling the Experiential Learning Gap with the Metaverse Is the Education Industry Ready? The world is evolving, and so is physical learning. The worldwide lockdowns had schools quickly adapting to online education. This transformed the education sector across the globe, and gradually schools are tilting towards a technology-driven system. Digital learning has a broad perspective, […]