Being a VR company, one of our favourite parts of the work day is trying out new games…for research purposes only. We test games constantly to see what is coming to market, what trends we can build into our eLeanring solutions an dhow we can make a better user epxerience. These 6 VR games are our top picks.

Mission ISS


If you have been asking questions about how astronauts float in space or go on a spacewalk, then wait no more. Mission ISS, designed by the Emmy and Academy Award-winning team at Magnopus and Oculus, allows you to become an astronaut and explore life inside the International Space Station. As you manoeuvre in space, you will find video pop-ups of some of the notable astronauts, like Scott Kelly and Sunita Williams, providing a tour of the orbital laboratory.

3D VR Organon


As an educator, one of the biggest concerns you might have is whether students are learning what is being taught. It goes without saying that hands-on learning experiences allow students to not only comprehend complex subjects at hand but recall them whenever required. In this regard, 3D Organon VR Anatomy, developed by Medis Media, allows aspiring medical students to explore human anatomy like never before. Once they are inside the virtual scenario, they can dismantle, rotate, and arrange the different parts of the human body. What is fascinating is that a trainer can set multiple questions within the virtual environment to test students’ learning.

Engage VR


A multi-award-winning software, allows people to connect in a shared virtual environment. The software provides endless possibilities for educators. For example, training students’ career skills within a virtual learning environment or taking them on field trips to unexplored parts of the world. In addition, the platform enables teachers to create their VR lectures and engage students from all around the world in a multi-user environment.

Virtual Speech


VirtualSpeech is an award-winning virtual reality platform for soft skills. It comprises online and VR courses such as Public Speaking, Delivering Presentations, Online Sales Pitching and much more. Interestingly, it provides instant feedback like hesitation words and audience eye contact, which can help you identify things that you would need to work on. Students without Oculus Quest can also experience the simulations via the web. For educators, the learning experience can change as per specific training needs.

Travelling While Black


Many tech evangelists/enthusiasts see VR not only as a gaming device but as an empathy machine, which can help start a discourse or raise awareness. Travelling while black is a Canadian-American co-produced Virtual Reality documentary film directed by Roger Ross Williams. The film allows users to get enlightened about Black Americans’ atrocities while resisting slavery and fighting for civil rights. What’s fascinating is that viewers become part of the story, completely immersing themselves instead of just sitting back and watching.

Titan of Space Plus


Have you ever wondered how big our solar system is? Well, we all have read textbooks and watched animated videos on Youtube, but what if we get to experience the vastness of space? With Titan of Space, students can get on a guided tour of every planet, star, and moon.

In conclusion

In closing, games are fun. As they should be. 

These were our favourite educational games we’ve tried! Our entire team helped make the picks. If you want to chat more about VR, gaming, or how to build a bette rlearning experience, feel free to reach out to us.

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