The 6 Best VR Platforms For Team Meetings

How VR is Changing the Future of Meetings

From physical meetings to video conferencing and now VR, the way we have collaborative interactions keeps evolving. The VR meeting is the latest trend in the business world, with various platforms emerging to facilitate them. The best part is that the potential applications of VR in collaborative meetings are virtually (pun intended) limitless, and we are only beginning to scratch the surface.

There’s no denying that VR meetings offer a level of immersion that is simply impossible with traditional video conferencing. When you put on a VR headset, you are transported to a completely different environment where you can interact with others as if they were right in front of you.

This level of immersion can make a big difference in the quality of meetings, as it allows for more natural and spontaneous interactions, making meetings more engaging and interactive.

If you are looking to move your team to a more immersive and engaging team meeting experience, here are the 6 best VR platforms for team meetings.

Ever heard of the “all work, no play” saying? Well, Remio VR makes sure you can now have both! Remio provides a VR platform that allows users to have VR meetings, training, and gaming sessions, making it a great option for team building and bonding.

Moreover, Remio VR has a very cool VR work environment, like a presentation board room, private boardroom, and other work-themed spaces, so you can pick the VR meeting space that best suits your needs. Not forgetting that it supports file shares, whiteboards, and real-time note taking, making it a VR platform that is great for productivity.

You can get Remio VR on Oculus Quest.


#2. Rec Room

Rec Room VR platform is all about collaborations and creativity and offers organizations a great VR meeting experience. It leans toward a social VR experience where users can host and attend VR meetings, events, or parties.

Rec Room is the VR platform for you if you need to let out steam or discuss work in a more informal setting. The best part is that Rec Room is free to use and operates across different platforms, so you can access it on Oculus, Android, and IOS devices.

Virtual Reality VR.

#3. Horizon Workrooms

With every Horizon Workrooms VR meeting, you are guaranteed an immersive experience that will certainly boost your collaborative efforts. Here, you can write on whiteboards and sticky notes with the VR pointer and save your work for future reference.

Horizon Workrooms also allows users to participate from their VR headset or desktop. And tools and features like expressive avatars, hand tracking technology, and file and screen sharing will make your team meeting a delight and get you looking forward to the next one. You can access the VR platform on Oculus Quest to get started.

horizon workrooms

#4. Spatial VR

Love realistic avatars? Spatial VR offers you just that. This may seem insignificant to some, but it’s actually a big deal for many users. VR platforms like Spatial VR offer photorealistic VR avatars that look just like you, so you can have a VR meeting experience that is as close to an in-person meeting as possible.

From whiteboards to sticky notes, 3D objects, and interactive work environments, Spatial VR has useful features that will facilitate an engaging VR meeting, promote team bonding and make your team meetings super productive. You can check it out on Oculus Quest or download it on Android or IOS.

Spatial logo

#5. MeetinVR

MeetinVR gives you flexibility and VR immersion, which is great for VR team meetings. It allows you to easily import and share your files, documents, images, and 3D objects in a VR meeting.

The whiteboard feature also allows you to brainstorm with your team, take notes, and save them for later. The best part is that MeetinVR is very intuitive, has a breathy work environment, and an interface that is very easy to use. You can get MeetinVR on Oculus Quest.


#6. Engage

True to its name, Engage VR gives you an interactive space that keeps you truly engaged. With features that facilitate collaboration and communication, such as desktop sharing, media streaming, and spatial recording, Engage VR offers a VR meeting experience that is totally immersive and productive.

Whether you are hosting a professional meeting, an educational session, or a VR conference, Engage VR has the features that can make it a success. You can access Engage VR on Oculus Quest, Android, and IOS.

Engage VR

In Conclusion

The world has moved from traditional to VR meetings, and from the look of things, there is no turning back. Today, businesses and organizations are harnessing the power of VR to boost productivity and take team collaboration to the next level.

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