Students at university lectures using Virtual reality
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In both remote learning and classroom-based instruction, virtual reality has the potential to substantially improve communication between professors and students. It allows teachers to make learning sessions more social by allowing students to converse vocally with one another and display body language through their avatar.

Virtual reality may help the next future generation of students and teachers with everything from selecting a university to finding your first job after graduation to guiding students from all over the world through the same lecture at the same time.

The challenges of virtual reality lectures

Virtual reality replacing in-person school lectures is not without its flaws. Although virtual reality in education has achieved a lot, there are still certain issues that need to be solved.

To begin, one of the most significant obstacles that virtual reality has in education is a lack of material. The reality is that creating new material may be quite costly, and not every educational institution has the financial resources to engage in a software development firm to assist them in this endeavor.

Similarly, while many students can afford to acquire a VR headset, there are still other students who cannot afford to do so. They are unable to benefit from VR-based learning, therefore, the issue that must be addressed is giving VR headsets to all students.

Then there’s the problem of “cybersickness.” This is a genuine ailment that many people are completely unaware of. It’s akin to motion sickness and might make it difficult for kids to concentrate. 

The good news is that as technology advances, cyber-sickness is becoming less common. However, additional effort is required to guarantee that students become used to the experience.

Options for virtual reality lecture platforms

Being a VR company, one of our favourite parts of the work day is being up to date on all things new to virtual reality. Here’s is a list of a few very interesting companies that offer virtual reality lecture platform

Engage is a spatial network solution that allows businesses to create their own virtual worlds for the purpose of staff onboarding, training, product presentations, wellness, customer outreach, and professional events. While this platform is geared toward businesses, it has some fantastic educational applications.

Engage VR logo


Spatial is committed to assisting creators, companies, and schools in developing their own metaverse venues for cultural exchange. Its mission is to allow individuals to use its magnificent facilities to exchange eye-catching information, create a close-knit community, and deliver memorable lectures

Spatial logo


VRChat is a social virtual reality application which was used to deliver one of the first virtual reality university courses. In 2014, l ong before the pandemic, the platform was used for distant yet immersive teaching.

Virtual Reality VR.


Through team-building activities and VR collaboration, Remio assists distant enterprises, particularly college teams, in maintaining a productive culture and sense of camaraderie. They supply headsets to everyone on your team or students and guide you through interactive multiplayer games.

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FrameVR is a 3D data visualisation tool that can be viewed in a browser or with a virtual reality headset for a more engaging and immersive experience. Sound, video, documents, PowerPoint presentations, and 3D models are all enabled.

Using simple controls, you can roam around the space and interact with people and your surroundings. To conduct a presentation, educators can connect their Webcam or screen to the giant screen at the front of the room.

Frame VR logo

In conclusion

As you can see, VR has amazing potential to create a more immersive, productive and enjoyable workspace. 

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