Being a VR company, one of our favourite parts of the work day is trying out new tools. We test products constantly to see what is coming to market, what trends we can build into our eLearning solutions an how we can make a better user experience. So you can trust this a list to follow.

VR Covers


You may experience skin irritation from sweating while using your VR headset for a long period of time. In such cases, VR covers can be a great add on to mitigate skin related hazards while playing highly intensive games such as Population One, Beat Saber, or FitXR. Recently, Facebook Reality Labs head Andrew Bosworth announced in a blog post that Oculus is recalling the removable foam facial interface that comes with Oculus Quest and providing a new silicone cover to wick away sweat during exercise or after playing games. But that’s not the only option, there are various manufacturers in the market that are currently providing VR covers for all different VR headsets. For example, VR Cover sells multiple types of covers for most headsets.

VR Gloves


One of the advantages of VR gloves is that they provide a realistic touch sensation, which makes the experience appealing and life-like. Although there are a couple of VR gloves on the market, most of them are targeted for the enterprise. That said, there are a few which can be used by consumers. For example, CaptoGlove’s wearable gaming hand machine interface is a perfect alternative to controllers. It is device agnostic and fully compatible with Windows PC’s, IOS, and Android devices. It uses hand gestures to control various movements in the game. For example, object manipulation: lifting and placing objects, and other physics-based interactions.

Full Body Tracker


Similar to VR Gloves, the Full Body Tracker provides a great level of immersion and interaction. Although most full-body VR trackers are positioned as a training solution, there are a few affordable options if you want to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world and feel the adrenaline rush. For example, the bHaptics Tactsuit X16, priced at $299, is a lightweight haptic vest that can be worn for hours and provides powerful haptic feedback.

VR Lenses


VR lenses prevent your headset lens from minor scratches, fingerprints and filters out harmful light to reduce eye fatigue. Fitting the lens protector isn’t that difficult. You can push the VR lens over each of your VR headset lenses for a snug fit. If you wear glasses you can even get prescription lens to replace them in VR.

Microfiber Cloth


VR lenses are prone to dust just like your glasses or camera lenses. Even when you aren’t using your headset for gaming, the lenses simply pick up dirt that can seriously damage your VR lenses. In such cases, you can buy a high-quality microfiber cloth to clean the headsets twice or thrice a week after you use them. They can also be washed and reused easily. Make sure you are not using any liquid solution on your lenses. They can permanently damage the headset. Just take a rubber blower and spray it at a distance of 2-3 inches away from the lenses. Once that is done, take the cloth and start wiping the lenses of the VR headset. Make sure you don’t put any pressure on it and gently move the cloth in a circular motion to clean it.

Googly Eyes


Thinking of decorating your VR headset? Go for Googly Eyes. They come in different sizes and shapes, depending on what kind of VR headset you use. While you are immersed in the virtual environment, your friends and family members can have a little giggle seeing your googly eyes moving freely within the larger plastic shell.

Grip Covers with Knuckle Strap


Imagine yourself playing beat saber, a virtual reality rhythm game, slicing musical blocks as they fly towards you. While playing the game, you accidentally throw the controller in mid-air which hits your brand new LCD. You probably wish you had held the controller correctly, but it’s too late. Guess what? There is a solution to avoid controllers slipping away from your hands; Grip Covers with Knuckle Strap. It prevents the touch controllers from being thrown while playing high-intensity games or eLearning modules.

External Battery Pack


One of the essential VR accessories for your VR headset is External Battery Pack. Most of the battery packs can fit right behind the strap of your VR headset or can be put inside your pocket while plugged into your headset. Having a battery pack can extend and elevate your virtual reality experience without having to worry about battery drain while playing games or learning investigative skills.

Headset Stand


Now that you have bought a VR headset, how about storing and displaying it in style? With a headset stand, you can quickly assemble and organize your VR device and controllers. The advantage of having a VR headset stand is that it frees up your desktop space and makes it more presentable.

Long USB C Cord


By having a long and high-quality USB C cable, you can unlock the possibility of playing highly immersive and graphic intensive games on your VR headset. There are hundreds of PC based VR games that can only be played using high-end VR headsets; however, with the USB C cord/cable, standalone VR users have access to a wide array of games. 

VR Gun Stock


In simple words, VR Gun Stock or VR Rifle Stock is a gaming accessory that, when attached to VR controllers, simulates a real gun in the virtual environment rather than showcasing controllers or virtual hands to play shooting games. As a result, it can make a user experience more immersive, interactive and competitive. In addition, some of the VR Gun Stocks come with a Haptic Feedback ability that allows you to experience each shot you take in the game. 

There are a couple of VR Gun Stocks on the market that you can look into. For example, 

  • The Playstation VR Aim Controller

  • The ForceTube VR Haptic Gun Stock and MagTube Rifle

  • The MagTube by Protube

Headset Strap Pads


Sometimes simple things can make all the difference. This statement holds true for Headset Strap Pads. Designed to provide comfort and reduce head pressure, Headset Strap Pads is a must-have accessory for your VR needs. It allows users to play comfortably for long hours without worrying about adjusting their VR headset to fit just right. 

Table Tennis Paddle Grip


Play with opponents around the world and hone your skills with Table Tennis Paddle Grip. It is designed especially for users who have been playing a highly realistic table tennis simulator, Eleven VR. With this accessory, you will feel more immersed and will improve your VR gaming experience. The controllers don’t provide the exact grip and orientation as an actual paddle. So modifying the controllers to create a natural appeal for users makes sense. 

In conclusion

In closing, games are fun. As they should be. But these accessories can make them that much better!

These were the top 13 VR accessories we tried and loved. Looking for a specific VR accessory for your VR gameplay or VR lab? Shoot us a message and we would be happy to point you in the right direction!

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