XpertVR's eLearning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions in VR - Answered

We get asked a lot of questions. Any eXpert does. It's a sign of trust. One we value greatly. So, to help our clients, future clients, and virtually everyone trying to learn a bit more about Virtual Reality and its impact on eLearning, we thought it would be helpful to create this FAQ page. These are some of the most common questions we get asked on a regular basis.

How do I know eLearning VR is right for me?

eLearning with VR provides a solution to many problems that educators currently face. If you struggle with  recreating real-world environments and scenarios, need to provide a safe environment for hands-on training, or have limited lab time available for students, VR eLearning is an excellent solution to solve these problems. 

What if I don’t have VR headsets?

No headsets”? No problem! XpertVR has connections with major headset manufacturers around the world including HTC, Pico, Oculus and Varjo to help you source the right headset to fit your needs.

Are there options for 2D play?

Yes! We can optimize our eLearning VR simulations 2D play on standard computers, both PC and Mac. Converting VR simulations to 2D experiences has proven very useful for remote students that do not have access to a VR headset. During your first consultation our team will assess your deployment needs and develop our simulations accordingly.

How much does an eLearning VR simulation cost?

The price of a VR simulation varies a lot depending on multiple factors. This can include anything from the size of the environment, number of 3D models, types of interaction, deployability options etc. The easiest way for us to provide the cost of an eLearning simulation is to book a consultation to better assess your needs and provide accurate cost estimates.

How long does it take to build an eLearning VR simulation?

We have a highly skilled team of developers that we always make sure have enough time allocated to complete your project quickly. Our average development timelines are between 4-6 months, but a more accurate timeline can be established after an initial consultation with one of our team members.

Have more questions?

We know there are only a few FAQ’s here. These are the questions we get asked most often. However, if there is something you are interested in learning about, please let us know and we will be in touch ASAP.