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What Clutch had to say about XpertVR

XpertVR is a proud deliverer of unforgettable e-learning experiences. We aid all types of businesses in building a stress-free simulations environment. Our mission since the beginning of our journey is to work with small, midmarket, and enterprise companies to build unique virtual worlds to encourage exploration and learning.

Being a service provider entails listening to feedback. In our case, we always look forward to what our partners have to say because their words shape the quality of our solutions. In order to truly understand how we can better implement modern solutions, we always look back to ratings and reviews and evaluate the work that we provide. With this in mind, we’re grateful to be among the many service providers that collect their clients’ feedback through Clutch!

Who is Clutch?

If you haven’t already heard of it, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform committed to helping businesses connect with the services they need to hit their goals. Clutch cuts through the disorganized market research environment by curating sought-after information and collecting honest feedback from clients of Clutch-registered vendors.

Right now, we have an average of 4.8 stars across eight reviews, and we’re excited to see our catalog continue to grow.

Check out some of the latest feedback from our partners:

“Xpert VR met every milestone, delivered every component on time, and worked beautifully with our content experts.”

— Lisa Trimble, Project Mgr. of Guided Learning Simulations, Conestoga College


“XpertVR has exceeded my expectations, it’s been incredible.”

— Robert Steinbauer, Associate Professor, Brock University


“XpertVR have been very enthusiastic partners in the entire design and implementation process.”

— Martin Danahay, Professor, Brock University

We’re truly enamored with the positive words that we’ve received from our partners. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to leave your honest feedback about our work. If you want to know more about our partnership process, check out the full reviews on our B2B profile.


In conclusion

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