XpertVR 24/7 Work Schedule

Experimenting with Different Work Schedules and Policies

Like many companies, we have experimented with different work schedules and policies to find the best fit for our employees and business goals. Four-day work weeks, flexible hours, and remote work were just a few of the trends we tried, but none of them proved to be a perfect solution.

We found that these models often created a divide between work and life, which made it challenging for our employees to find a good balance between the two. Furthermore, these models didn’t guarantee that we would maintain efficiency while still prioritizing work/life balance.

Integrating Life into Work: The Birth of the 24/7 Work Schedule

So, we asked ourselves, why not integrate life into work? And that’s how the 24/7 work schedule was born.

Now, before you start worrying about our employees working around the clock, let me clarify. The 24/7 work schedule is actually a 28-hour work week or 56 hours bi-weekly. We break down 2 weeks of work into 4 tasks per week, each estimated to take 7 hours to complete.

The key to this model is tying the work week to the number of tasks, not the number of hours worked. It’s a mix of agile and four-day work weeks, with the added benefit of remote and flexible hours.

life into work.

Providing Support for Employee Success

The most significant change was in the level of support we provided to our employees. We introduced development help hours and management assistance to make sure our employees had the tools and resources they needed to succeed.

In addition to the development help hours and management assistance, we also implemented regular check-ins and feedback sessions with our employees. This has allowed us to get a better understanding of their needs and concerns, and to address any issues before they become bigger problems. It has also helped us to foster a culture of open communication and collaboration, which has been instrumental in our success with the 24/7 work schedule. By providing the right support and resources, we have been able to empower our employees to reach their full potential and achieve their goals, both professionally and personally.

Seeing Results: Productivity, Engagement, and Collaboration

The results? This schedule has only been in effect for a couple of weeks now, but here’s what we’re seeing so far. XpertVR’s team has been more productive and engaged than ever before. This schedule allows our employees to work when they feel most energized and take advantage of the flexibility that enables them to pursue their hobbies, interests, and personal goals.

We have also noticed a significant uptick in communication and collaboration across teams. With more time off, our employees come back refreshed, focused, and more motivated, which means a better overall work experience for everyone.

In Conclusion

At XpertVR, we take pride in our supportive company culture. We don’t just talk about work/life balance; we live it. Our 24/7 work schedule may seem unconventional, but it has proven to be a game-changer for our team’s well-being and productivity.

If you are a manager searching for a work schedule that benefits your employees, productivity, and overall company culture, consider giving the 24/7 work schedule a try. And if you’re thinking about working with our team, let’s set up a time chat about all of the other innovative initiatives we’re working on!

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